Out of the Gates


Well our Long Distance Hero is out of the gates and headed down the track!  Sue looked so good after surgery and is really enjoying her Mint Julep..errr I mean her epidural cocktail 🙂  She is her funny, playful self and was having fun telling her nurse some good stories and having her mother feed her ice chips.  Sue, of course, wanted to know if she was allowed to have her phone but John managed to keep it away from her for the time being.  She needs her rest to keep running down the track chasing after that Derby title!

2 responses »

  1. Sue is a thoroughbred champ, that is for sure! Big hugs to the feisty filly while she gets some much needed R&R over the next few days. Please tell me how I can help!

  2. Sue, so great to hear you are recovering well and cracking jokes again! Can’t wait until you check out of that place! Lots of love!

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