Sue is out of surgery!


This is Mary-Karen filling in for Sue for the moment. She will surely kick me out as soon as she is able to! Her doctor said she did really well with her surgery and it was not as invasive as he expected it to be. She is currently in recovery (12:30pm) and will soon be moved to the cardiovascular recovery unit (CVRU). Pam Gwaltney (GI Cancer Nurse Navigator extraordinaire) has kept a really close eye on her and has alerted all of the nurses that Sue is coming to their floor. Pam has been such a great friend and source of information and comfort to Sue, John, her family and friends. We are waiting for the call that she has been moved to the CVRU. In the meantime, John and I had lunch and Sue’s mom, Barbara, has been phoning updates to everyone on her list. Sue will not be able to have any visitors today and we’ll see how she is feeling tomorrow. More to follow as we get updates from the nurses. Thanks to everyone who have sent John and Sue words of encouragement. Your support means the world to them!

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  1. Great news….thank you so much for the update. I will continue to pray. Hope recovery is fast. Seeding more hugs. So nice to hear all are helping her so much.

  2. I think my reply got cut off….it was:
    So happy to hear the good news that all went well. Sending lots of get well wishes and hugs. Praying for you!!

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