On the road to recovery…


I’m finally back online.  This stinkin’ surgery took the wind out of my sails, but gave me more than enough time to plan this blog.  It literally did…my lung was collapsed or something like that…they messed with it I know that for sure.  Now that I’ve re-inflated I am ready to share and then will head to a Percocet induced slumber for the afternoon.  

Before I get into the details of my crazy journey ahead I need to thank everyone who got us to this point.  From blog updates (thanks MK) to meal planning Kelly, Michele and Ali), to meals, well wishes…many phone calls,flowers and txts thank you all.  You have lifted up the Falco family and we are so greatful for all of it.

Now on to the experience of a Thoracotomy.  We went from thinking I was having outpaitient surgery to spending a few days in ICU with open heart surgery patients…let’s just say I dropped the average age level by a few decades.  What you might have thought would be a breath of fresh air to the nurses was not. I think I was just a perky pain in the ass.  Anyway I survived it and was finally released and sent to the nurses a Presby on 5C.  From there the pain level was low (very low), but so was the amount of sleep and general ability to function. I got home Sunday and have not stopped sleeping.  

So on to the road to recovery…Do I take the ’66 TBird used in Thelma and Louise, the RV from National Lampoon’s Family vacation or the Delorian from Back to the Future.  Please adivise…I need something reliable so that I can go the distance, something fun and sassy to match the way in which I plan to approach this next phase, room for the family…can’t succeed without them.  I know that rules out the ’57 Corvette.  This is going to be a harder decision than I thought.   GPS and hands-free installed so we can all keep in touch.

Tomorrow I get my road trip map. Appointment with the oncologist in the afternoon.  I will update you sooner if we get good news and later if I need to process any major twist and turns ahead. I might hit a road block, speed bump, or detour but regardless I’m in it for the long haul. 





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  1. Thank you for the update, I’ve thought of you and John and the girls so much!! I think you should go the National Lampoon route…a lot of laughs along the way, something I’m sure you’ll need. Here’s hoping for some really good news, turns out the world really needs perky, and those of us who know you and love you need your particular brand of perky!

  2. I vote for the Family Truckster from National Lampoon’s Vacation…it has that cool “wood grain” paneling on the side and the rear seats face backwards! Love you!!

  3. Sue, in true fashion, you are approaching this difficult time with humor and an upbeat attitude. You go, girl! I’m sorry about your lousy weekend (to say the least)! Please let me know if I can help in any way (perhaps a GF meal?!?). I’m praying for you!

  4. I’m voting for the RV doesn’t matter what you take to get there but laughing is important! So glad you survived your visit, sleeping is always better in your own bed. I’m praying you get what your expecting tomorrow. I think you are in the road block right now so that means you only have the speed bump and detour left, you can do it! 🙂

  5. I was just reading my journal tonight from when I was first diagnosed and saw a page I had written right before I got the results from my first CT. I was so scared but ended up with much better news than we anticipated. I know that will be same for you tomorrow. Tomorrow will be an exhausting day filled with so many emotions. Don’t forget your Xanex! Looking forward to your encouraging news tomorrow! Thanks for the update! YOu are amazing!!!

  6. Sue,

    You are one of the funniest and most intelligent “people” to cross my path.

    I had to read this a few times, because you are the most amazing writer. You probably know that, but I will feed you mare ego. Awe, heck I shared your Charlotte campaign today when I spoke to the University of MN Health & Sciences deparmentment. You are so crazily a talent.

    Nah, why read other people’s responses on your question about routes, before I write mine. My thoughts on the route is to first take 66 right now, listen to Nat and your favorite singers, hear Nat and win the road show by seeing the sites.

    After that, I’m not so sure the “Thelma & Louise” move is a bad option as we never did know where they ended up. For all we know, they were in “Cheeseburger & Paradise” or “Margaritaville.” The point is – if it is you – anything we all dream is possible.


  7. Sue!!!!! Please forgive me…apparently I have been living under a rock. I had NO idea what you have been going through until right this minute. (I have not been on Facebook much lately and if I was it was just for a few minutes.) That being said, I am SO happy that you are doing well. (Not that I’m surprised!) I love your humor and your positive attitude. (Again, not that I’m surprised!) You are an inspiration to other women out there!! Keep up the good work. Get rest while you can. (BTW if you needed a rest, a spa visit would have been a better choice then Presbyterian! LOL ) If you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you and your beautiful family!! You have to get better because Savannah will need her two year photos in a few months! 😉 (I can’t believe it myself!)

  8. I have to say I would pick the Delorian from Back to the Future for you! I know it is an 80’s sports car but the doors are too cool like you!!! Please let me know if you need anything! Love you and thinking of you!!!

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