A reason, season or lifetime


I remember John telling me a very long time ago that people/things enter your life for a reason, season or a lifetime.  Well it’s taken me more than a few weeks to realize that this applies to every bit of what I am going through.  For the very first time in my life I got the urge to run more than three miles.  I have no idea what possessed me to do it , but I was committed.  I did know that the running group I was joining was filled with all the amazing people that helped me put Get Your Rear in Gear on … My coaches are Dan Keller from Omega Sports and Paige Hauff from PR Race Management.  Many of the coaches are employees of Dan’s who I have worked with at every packet pickup in years past.  Jenny Miller Cousin Extrodianre and GYRIG Coke Vendor, Sandra Downey newest GYRIG Planning Board member and the ever fabulous Michele Mattachini…Post Race Food Court Godess. Why would I ever pass up this opportunity.  So I jumped in committed to run the 13.1 miles and get my cool little sticker for the back of my car.

My last long distance run was 11 miles.   While working up to that mileage I met many new people that I consider more than coaches and aquantencies…Mike, Emily, Dawn, Deb, Smita…the list is long and ever growing…

So while on my runners high, I ran face first into a tree I didn’t see coming.  At first glance, this was a road block.  I was so mad.  Really mad….not “whoa is me”, but more like “WHAT THE HELL???”  I mean really?  Now?  I am so close to my 1/2 marathon in Nashville.  After peeling my face off the bark of the tree, I got a perscription for Xanex and gave myself time to process this unfortunate encounter with nature, I gained some perspective along the way.  Xanex is great for gaining perspective … you can actually think instead of crying … worth every penny for me -‘the broken hearted runner”. By the way, this is not a plug for drugs unless you happen to be in my running shoes and then I say … save yourself some pain, take the drugs and see what beauty you can find in your unfortunate circumstances.

So I woke up yesterday and finally realized that I did not sign up to run a 1/2 I signed up to save my life.  The 1/2 marathon was never truly part of the plan. Don’t get crazy on me … I haven’t given up (not even close), but what i realized is that this 1/2 marathon training was in my life for a reason.  Had I  not been on this training path I would have missed the tree and goodness knows I don’t want to know how that story ends!!!!  So I am now thankful for that tree.

The tree was there for a REASON

I will endure a difficult SEASON

And I promise you I will make a difference that will last a LIFETIME!!!!

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  1. Suz, You have already made a lifetime of difference in every life you have touched. You are strong, smart and have all the tools to meet this challenge. We love you and will always be there for you. love s & b

  2. Sue, you need to go and see the movie “Jeff Who Lives At Home”. It’s all about There’s a Reason for Everything that happens in your life and how too many people just discard those signs. It’s very sweet and totally makes me think of you smacking into that tree. The tree that we are all thankful for. And I’m not even taking Xanax, but girlfriend, you keep on writing because that Xanax clarity is working for you. xo Jeannie

  3. I agree that everything happens for a reason and I believe we are not given anyting we can’t handle….That being said, your amazing positive attitude proves that you can handle this, and anything else that comes your way! Not only handle it, but kick it’s butt!!! I choose to believe that this has all happened for a bigger purpose, and that you are going to save many peoples lives in the process. I believe you already have!!! Your “Rear In Gear” is just the beginning. I personally think you write so well that you should write a book about all of this!! I am thankfull for that tree!! Let me know where it is so that I can go hug it! 🙂 xoxoxo
    Lot’s of love,

  4. You really are an amazing writer and I love your comparison of your situation to the tree. You were an inspiration to me the moment you came up to me on race day and said, “You’re Yvette? Nice to meet you! We’re sisters. I am a four year survivor”. Then you hugged me. I will never forget that moment. You will continue to be a survivor and an inspiration to me. We’ll fight this fight together and celebrate at the finish line. My oncologist, knowing I was a runner, compared the challenge of fighting cancer to a marathon. He said there would be many hurdles along the way and we will just take them one at a time and we’ll finish that race. I look at each “tree” I come to as another hurdle and I picture myself running the race, coming to the hurdle, and jumping over it. You are in the marathon too my friend. Let’s do this!!!!!!!!!!!

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