It’s time to weed the flower bed


I’ve never been a fan of weeds. I don’t like picking weeds, spraying weeds or looking at weeds. I have however found a use for them….an analogy. A lot of you have asked many questions about the “weeds in my garden” (the cancer in my lungs) and so begins the blog of the day.

My lungs are my flower garden and in it we have found a few weeds. They are small weeds, but they are there and need to be removed. We all know what happens when you don’t weed the garden. Unfortunately these weeds cannot be dug out of the flower bed (as is the most effective form of weed removal…roots and all). The weeds have grown into my flowers. Come taka a look at the mess my Azalea bushes have become and you will understand why we cannot “surgical remove the weeds'” without killing the flower or the entire bush. So that being said we will move on to weed killer aka…chemo. We will spray with weeds and with hope and prayer the weeds will wilt and die off leaving the flowers to grow and bloom in the sun.

I start chemo tomorrow morning. I am excited and scared.  I know not to expect any horrible side effects this early or or maybe ever.  I prefer to focus on the excitement of moving on to the next step in my treatment and getting that much closer to becoming … “weed free”.

Thanks everyone for your prayers, well wishes, hopes, laughs, beer and cupcakes!!!!!  You all keep me smiling.



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  1. If you ever get bored during your gardening (or any other time for that matter), I would be more than happy to come entertain you whilst your gardener does their job! You just say the word and I will be there. – Libby

  2. I hate weeds, too! BUT getting those suckers outta the garden makes the finished product even more beautiful and resilient! Here’s to the goodness that I know is in bloom! Hugs to you and best wishes as you start the weed-eating process!

  3. Sue – You are wise beyond your years. You continually amaze me with your wit and insight in the face of a challenge. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow as you take on the task of weed erradication! Looking forward to having a milkshake with you soon 😉

  4. Praying for industrial strength weed killing and beautiful flowers to come. Glad it’s Spring. Great time for blooming! We love you Sue! Saw Miss Mia today and she asked me a VERY important question. “Miss Erica, are we gonna sing “Baby Baby” at Justin Beiber show choir camp?” My confirmation was met with a “YES!” After you hear her sing that, you will definitely be better! Thinking of you always.

  5. Let the weed whacking begin!!! Your garden is prime real estate baby!!! I hope all goes well tomorrow. I will be thinking of you and praying for you. Tell the girls I said hello…they will take wonderful care of you. They are master gardeners with green thumbs. I love you and I love your spirit…you are my super hero!!!

  6. Suz, Saturday I bought a can of weed killer and a spray pump. I went into the orchard and attacked the stickers and poison ivy. Sunday I went out and the weeds were still there. Today they were limp and within a day or two they will be a memory. Be patient. Other than weed killer, the best prescription I can offer is PMA (positive mental attitude). This is a bump in the road of life, granted a large one, but you will come out the other side – stronger and and with a new outlook on life and what is truly meaningful. We love you and will pray for you. Kiss Johnny and the girls and know we are always there for you. Love s & b

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