Fight Information


With all the suport I had today my first day of Chemo was a breeze.  Here is my silly version of the day…way better to read than the clinical stuff.

Welcome to ColoRectal Airlines…We are glad you selected our carrier for your flight today. You have boarded the Challenger 300 Rear Jet en route to a cure.   This may be your first time in the air.  Many of our passengers have been riding the train “in the caboose”…often times we find those taking a second trip need a different mode of travel.  For some it’s by air and if it is it’s your lucky day.  If this is not your final destination we recommended exiting the airline at this time.

The first segment of our flight today will take approximately three hours. During the flight our superior staff will ensure you are well medicated with FOLFOX 5FU and anti nausea medication incase we encounter turbulence during the flight.  Snack and drinks are on us so please enjoy.  All drinks are served room temperature so that the cold sensitivity you may encounter while on chemo will not effect you.  You may walk about the cabin and visit with other travelers if you choose, write a blog or take a nap.  Our goal at CR Air is to give all travelers and enjoyable ride.

Once we land a the gate each passenger will receive a complimentary 1980s style fanny pack. The fashion police may detain you if you do not swap it out with something cuter. So we recommend you stop at Marshall’s on your way home for a little retail therapy.  There are many fanny packs to choose from. The spring collection this year is quite something.  The fanny pack needs to be large enough to hold your FolFox pump that each passenger must wear when departing.  It only needs to be worn for two days post departure and then can be removed.  Once removed passengers may run, walk, eat, drink, sleep and blog until their next flight. The flight schedule is every two weeks for approximately six months.

There are many carriers to choose from thank you again for selecting ColoRectal Air.

So just a few notes on my blog today…I officially have caboose cancer in my lungs.  Yup it moved from the “track” to the “air”.  Anyway it was a great day and my nurse is a runner and has put me on a two week schedule to get me in tip top shape for the Nashville 1/2.  Things might get a little rough after that, but I have not intrest in thinking about anything other than conpleting this 13.1 mile miracle.  Hugs to all for the rockin’ support.  Hugs – Sue




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  1. Love it! I am so glad you go the pilot’s ok to go to Nashville… and to think you don’t even need to wear a mask!

  2. I pray that your flight is as nice as possible, that you don’t run into any turbulence or unexpected delays, and that you don’t get stuck sitting next to the large boned passenger with the extra wide brimmed hat that helps herself to half of your seat! 🙂 Not that flying with someone’s left arm totally covering your right breast doesn’t make for an interesting flight. Then, there’s the getting poked in the eye every time she moves her head. But that’s a (true) story for another day… Love you!

  3. Sue – I am NOW just reading about all of this with you !!!!!!!! I feel terrible I just saw this or I would have been there sooner for you! You are truly amazing (always have been)! Your blogs etc … Wow … Only you can make so many of us smile while reading them! So many prayers will be coming your way now !!! I’d love to see you soon … Maybe even walk (although I’d probably ask you to slow down – ha)! Please let me know what I can do to help you and your family out. Anything just tell me. Your truly a gift in all of our lives !!!!

  4. Somehow, I can picture you as the uniformed
    Flight attendant, giving orders for safety purposes and possibly talking the pilot into making a stop in a tropical port of call for a tasty
    Frozen beverage. My admiration for you cannot
    Possibly fit here….

  5. So for those of you who know me as “sue’s nurse navigator” please don’t pass out when you have read the above blog today “flight information “. I am not the nurse she is speaking of as “the runner”. Lol. But don’t count me out yet I am trying to run but will ALways be her nurse navigator ! Sue I love your blogs

  6. LOL! I love it!!! I swear you really do need to write a book!!! Like a humorous, let’s make lemonade out of lemons guide to cancer treatment (or should I say weeding). Keep up the good work!!

  7. Sue, I am looking forward to helping you navigate the Nashville R&R Half, from approach, to mid-flight meal, to smooth landing! I can’t wait!

  8. I’m so glad your first flight was turbulence free! Sue, no one can Rock a fanny pack quite like you! Soon everyone will be sporting them!

  9. I did not know About your excellent writing skills! You should write a book my friend:) Let’s see… Friend extraordinaire, excellent photographer, creative writer, marathon runner, wonderful Mom and the list goes on. You are a blessing to everyone who knows you and I am blessed to have you as my friend. You are in my prayers every day! Hang in there!

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