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Out of the Gates


Well our Long Distance Hero is out of the gates and headed down the track!¬† Sue looked so good after surgery and is really enjoying her Mint Julep..errr I mean her epidural cocktail ūüôā¬† She is her funny, playful self and was having fun telling her nurse some good stories and having her mother feed her ice chips.¬† Sue, of course, wanted to know if she was allowed to have her phone but John managed to keep it away from her for the time being.¬† She needs her rest to keep running down the track chasing after that Derby title!


Sue is out of surgery!


This is Mary-Karen filling in for Sue for the moment. She will surely kick me out as soon as she is able to! Her doctor said she did really well with her surgery and it was not as invasive as he expected it to be. She is currently in recovery (12:30pm) and will soon be moved to the cardiovascular recovery unit (CVRU). Pam Gwaltney (GI Cancer Nurse Navigator extraordinaire) has kept a really close eye on her and has alerted all of the nurses that Sue is coming to their floor. Pam has been such a great friend and source of information and comfort to Sue, John, her family and friends. We are waiting for the call that she has been moved to the CVRU. In the meantime, John and I had lunch and Sue’s mom, Barbara, has been phoning updates to everyone on her list. Sue will not be able to have any visitors today and we’ll see how she is feeling tomorrow. More to follow as we get updates from the nurses. Thanks to everyone who have sent John and Sue words of encouragement. Your support means the world to them!

Off to the Races


This isn’t the Kentucky Derby and no one had better place any bets on the spunky mare, Long Distance Hero, but I have it on good authority that she will work her tail off to win this race!!!

Had it not been for my half marathon training with the most amazing team ever (Omega Nation) I would never have known something was wrong. ¬†Everyone tells you that running is good for you, but this takes it to a whole new level. ¬†Thank you coaches and training buddies for getting me to where I am physically…I know it will serve me well. ¬† All this great physical shape did not prevent my cancer from coming back. ¬†It has a mind of it’s own and this time it decided to move uptown into my lungs. Super crappy…trust me I know and I’m being kind with my words.

I head to Presbyterian Hospital Charlotte for surgery tomorrow. ¬†Since I don’t do many things slowly it’s only fitting that this treatment is starting quickly. ¬†I’ll be staying at the Ritz (oops sorry) Presbyterian for a few days and then I’ll be home recovering. They will remove what they can in my lower right lobe and then test the cancer to confirm that it is in fact my colorectal cancer and not lung cancer. ¬†Yes…who knew you could get rear cancer in your lungs. ¬†So much to learn.

While I’m enjoying my morphine and epidural cocktail do not hesitate to stop by for a visit. ¬†I would love the company even if I don’t remember you were there…that’s what the iphone camera is for.

I plan to blog about this journey in the only way I know…silly, fun, humorous and light hearted, but filled with answers to your questions. ¬†Please raise your Mint Juleps high this will be a derby like no other.¬†

Love you all  РSue