The 3 Mile Monster


I have five friends running the Black Mountain Monster 5k 24 hour relay this weekend. The Black Mountain Monster is a 24-hour race. Participants run a 3.1 mile (5k) loop as many times as they want/can/are forced to before they a) quit, b) get drunk, or c) die. It’s part of the Race for Awesomeness Series.  It’s a small event, complete with late night pizza delivery, a bonfire, and live music. Run (a lot), party, sleep (a little), and sweat. Sounds like Awesomeness to me!  (this from my friend Dominique’s blog…

So this morning I woke feeling pretty indestructible and in honor of my amazing friends I popped out of bed and headed out the door with my favorite tunes on this cool, sunny Sunday.  Just a quarter of a mile in I started to fall apart.  The side pain was intense (this has been an ongoing battle), neuortpathy in my hands immobilizing (chemo side effect…my hands look like Jim Carrey’s “the claw”) and yet I kept running.  I was NOT stopping.  Funny thing about it…at no point in time did I even consider giving up.  This leisurely Sunday run turned into my own personal 3 Mile Monster and I was not giving in.  I turned the music a little louder, put my running gloves on and showed the monster who was in charge.  Funny to see the look on everyone’s face when they see the crazy lady running with gloves on in June (the cool breeze is what locks up my hands…warming my hands helps a great deal and honestly it humors me to see their faces…I can only imagine what they are thinking!)

I finished all three miles with a big smile and a huge sense of satisfaction.  Unlike the Black Mountain Monster there was no pizza delivery, booze, bonfire, or live music…just a party in my head and heart.  Todays run was so much more mental than it was physical.  I feel so good right now.  Thank you to the Fab 5 running the Black Mountain Monster…you got me through my run today!

So on to other matters.  I am officially a third of the way through treatment.  Side effects are manageable only due to dinner deliveries by dear friends, help with the kids and the ability to take care of myself which is my new full time job.  I nap, exercise, eat and spend time with my family. 

I hope all of you find time for yourselves this week and remember the run you do is better than not doing it at all, no matter how slow or short. Get out there it will be so worth it!





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  1. Way to go Sue!! We are all so proud of your determination. Now for the gloves. I think we need to work on some red sequence ones with the sueperman logo on the back!

    • Awesome, Sue! That gritty determination and drive is going to take you far. The tenacious enemy dogging you is DONE. Keep on trucking, longdistancehero. You are one incredible inspiration! God bless you…

  2. I love this post SO much. You were in our thoughts a lot this weekend too. Every challenge is personal, and I appreciate your sharing your challenges with us. Next time, come join the party. You can do a single lap, then laugh at us ridiculous people!

  3. Sue, So glad you are doing well and keeping up that amazing spirit you have! You are constantly on my mind, and I as well as many others are so proud of you and your determination. Sending you and your family lots of hugs and kisses!

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