GOALLLL – Get Out And Live, Love, Laugh, Learn!!!


G.O.A.L-Get Out And Live!!!

A running teammate posted the other day his desire to quit running.  Why?????…because he is frustrated that he is  not able to meet his goals.  Considering an alternative sport that will not require lap counting or timing –  to that, I say bull pucky!!!  If I have learned anything in the last twelve weeks, it  is that when the game changes, so does the  goal.  I was up to 11 miles in my training when the game changed for me.  My initial goal was to break 2:30 for my 1/2 marathon.  Three weeks after surgery I ran the half , but my goal changed.  I chose to Get Out And Live, Love, Laugh and Learn. This came from my inspiring team, family, friends and everyone who believed in me (those that did not were checked at the curb).  I never gave up my desire to finish the half, but I changed my goal and was happier for it.  It takes a lot of inner strength to change your goals, but its worth it!

My personal goal right now is my up coming triathlon in September.  It will take place just one week after my final treatment.  Take note…the goal is NOT my final scan or any scan in between, it’s my future.  I am fully aware of the fact that I might not be able to swim (not sure if it’s safe with my white blood cell count being down), but I am going to train and when I get to that bridge I will cross it.  No disappointment involved here. I will still Get Out And Live, Love, Laugh and Learn from my first tri.  Will there be a time for me to beat my time for a half marathon? Of course! But there will also be many times that I go out and run just for the fun of it.

Gardening Update:

I went for my scan on Thursday and the results are in…The weeds are wilting and the flowers are blooming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the love and prayers that have come our way, are breathing life into my plants and they are growing strong and healthy!  I still have eight more “Weed-be-Gone” treatments to go, (16 weeks), but my garden is healthy and thriving. We are so very grateful…I know the Miracle Grow each and every one of you has sprinkled in my garden has filled my heart and soul.  Thank you…you are a blessing to all of us!

Thanks for keeping me smiling,



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  1. Oh my…that is the best news ever!! Soooooo happy!! We will continue to pray!! May all your flowers keep blooming and may those weeds be gone forever!!

  2. Amazing news!! I did not doubt it considering your drive, support and positive attitude!!! Outstanding Sis!!!!! Love you!!

  3. Sue, you are an incredible inspiration. Your refusal to “go negative” and give up is a beacon to others. It was you and Mary-Karen who inspired me 21/2 years ago when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 cc. I saw you on TV. You really helped me get through that and inspired me to do the Charlotte GYRIG (2011 & 2012). Now, you’ve done it again! Thanks to you I am getting serious about my training so I can do a half marathon in October. (I’m up to five miles now. I haven’t done that in YEARS!). Thank you. I’m thrilled that the flowers are growing but the weeds are withering! God bless you and keep up the wonderful work. Somehow, I see you in Victory Lane. 🙂

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