P-p-p-poker Face


When I was first diagnosed, it felt like a game of “52 Pickup”. Do you remember that game?   Someone asks if you want to play and the next thing you know there are cards flying everywhere.  Of course the next step is to pick up the cards.  Now what?  It’s time to play a real game and as the Queen of Hearts I am going to decide how this deck is stacked!

Before this deck is shuffled, I’ve removed the jokers.  A few slipped into my first game … they are now gone.  This is a game of chance, but I plan to increase my odds.  This hand I’ve been dealt is not ideal, but if you play enough times you will eventually win and by the way…that’s when you stop playing!

So the cards are being dealt again this week.  The stakes are high as always.  Treatment starts Monday and the exciting news….this is my halfway point!!!!  I’ve got my poker face on.  Place your bets folks I’m in it to win it!!!  The pot is mine!

On to other matters…

I ran two solid miles this morning…up and at ’em at 7.  It felt great. I was a little down about my performance the last week or so. I know I’m on chemo, but it’s still frustrating and the fear that I’ve lost my strength is there.  My best days to run are the three before another round of chemo –  so out there I went, just me, myself and I.  Well I did have Nelly, Bon Jovi and the Scorpions with me…just a little audio juice to inspire me and get my booty groovin’!  It worked.  I had a solid run and I feel amazing.  Patience, faith and determination are key, and will be, for the months to come.

Are any of you thinking about running, but feeling intimidated?  It’s time to get out there and start with a small goal.  Run for three minutes and walk for one.  You can do this and I will be cheering you on the entire way!  The small steps you take now will lead you to much greatness in the future!!!!!

Thanks for keeping me smiling.



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