24 Hours of Sue-ty!!!


24 Hours of Booty is coming to Charlotte July 27-28. It’s the official cycling event of LIVESTRONG™.  This event brings together anyone and everyone with a passion for fighting cancer.  Now the “booty” I know most about is the one I’m trying to save… MY OWN!!!  I am so very lucky to have friends working to “save my ASSets” by participating in this amazing event.  They are raising money for the creatively named 24 Hours of Sue-ty.  Now heaven forbid I sit around while generous people donate funds and friends bike in my honor… No way, Jose’… I’ve got a plan.  I hope cancer is ready for another kick in the pants!

From now until July 28th, I will bike a total of 24 hours to raise money for my Booty Brigade.  I just completed my first hour… only 23 to go.  This gives me 26 days to complete 23 hours of biking.  Yes, I’m still on chemo, but I don’t plan on letting that stop me. This may prove to be a difficult task, but that’s the best part. To keep me occupied I will be watching the TV series “24”.  I’ve never seen it and now is the perfect time!

In addition to keeping up on my progress via my blog, please consider donating to one of the following … 24 Hours of Sue-ty fundraising pages (links below).  And, if you were looking for a reason to workout, get on your bike or put on your running shoes and shake your booty for 24 hours just don’t forget to email me and tell me you are joining me in sweat and spirit!!!

Lauren and Michael… The 24 Hours of Sue-ty SuperStars!!!!!!!

Lauren’s Booty Page

Michael’s Booty Page

Thanks friends, family and Omega Nation team for helping to inspire me every day!


For more information on 24-Hours of Booty go to http://www.24hoursofbooty.org


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  1. Is there no end to the dedication Mike has? You have an amazing team surrounding you, Sue. I am eager to see Mike on a bike though. I’m thinking a few laps around Booty?

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