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Finisher, but Never Finished!!!


When I decided to run a 1/2 marathon I thought for sure I would run only one.  Boy I was in for a surprise when I finished my first battle with no intention of being FINISHED!!!  That’s a dirty little “runner’s” secret (well it’s not only for runners). They, runners, don’t tell you about the addiction, exhilaration with the feeling of accomplishment, happiness and well-being that comes when you master an event such as a 1/2 marathon. Even if they did, you won’t believe them until it happens to you.

That is how I live my life.  I may finish something, but I am never truly finished.  I continue to evolve and learn from my experiences and accomplishments.

I completed my first triathlon on Sunday.  It was one of the best days of my life.  That sounds so cliché, but honestly it was a remarkable spate of time.

Lisa, Sue and Sandra waiting to get our swim on!

I am not a swimmer or cyclist, but yesterday, I was … I morphed into a triathlete!!! As terrifying as it felt, I now was a woman on a mission.  Once I started the race, anxiety and fear turned into exhilaration and incurable euphoria.  I was doing it…really, really, doing it.  After the race I met up with family and friends at the post race expo.  In one of the tents, I spotted a purple shirt with the following saying “Finisher, but Never Finished”.  Hello, that shirt had to be mine.  Off I went in search of someone who would take my money in exchange for a message that truly represented my journey.

My favorite tee-shirt EVER!!!

The shirt was from a tri kit company called  re{vici}.  I met one of the founders in the tent only to discover, he had just messaged me on my Long Distance Hero Facebook page.  After he read my story, on the Brooks Running blog, he was offering me a shirt with a message he thought best represented my story.  Ha ha…it was the very same shirt!!  As I was writing this blog I looked up the story behind the company…here is what I found….

What is {re}vici?  From the Latin word for “I conquered”, vici, we started to create something. However, vici seemed to imply we were finished, which is rarely the case. Anyone who has ever chased a “PR” knows that when one race is over, there is always another. Again, we will strive to conquer a new goal. That was it…we conquer goals, races, fears…OURSELVES…again, and again- {re}vici

Wow guys…what an inspiring company name!!!

My two biggest fans!!!!

Another Live Lesson Learned:  The world works in wonderful and inspiring ways most of the time, listen carefully so you don’t miss the knocking when inspiration shows up on your door step!  When it does {re}vici!!! Sue

I’m a survivor baby!!!


Get Your Game On!!!! The Olympics are coming!


I draw inspiration from many places, people and events in life.  In the last 12 weeks, this has been a major part of my journey.  So, as I tried to rest yesterday, I started thinking about the Olympics and my slumber flew out the door.  I laid on my bed and could visualize my own gold medel just within reach of my finger tips.  Everything I have done for the last 24 weeks will come down to one scan.  I pictured climbing the podium to receive my gold medal along with a scan that showed my progress in battling my disease.  I’ve already had one promising scan and that just fuels the fire to work even harder for the next one.    This is no different than the Olympics.

The athletes that will compete over the next few weeks don’t just practice their sport. Everything they eat and drink, when they sleep, how long they sleep, the company they keep…it all comes down to their thirst for the gold.  As a runner it’s not only about running. They cross-train, eat special diets, and sleep.  It’s their prescription for success.  Ironically it is no different than the model I am working with.  Chemo is not a magic bullet so I have incorporated a wellness lifestyle to get me to the gold.  Time trials are our scans during treatment. They tell us how we are doing and if we are making progress.  I am still three weeks out from my next time trial.  In the meantime, I will incorporate a whole person; wellness lifestyle in an effort to keep myself healthy.  The end of September will be my BIG scan and I hope to bring home the gold.  If not, there are more Olympic games ahead for me. The athletes that don’t win in London this year don’t just pack it up and quit….they are more determined than ever to bring it home four years from now.

I see myself on the podium as they place the medal around my neck.  Red Solo Cup playing in the background as I represent my country of Cureopia.  Being an Olympic athlete is so much more than just being the best at a sport.  And being a cancer survivor is much, much more than scans, infusions, hair loss .. .the list goes on.

So, when you watch the opening ceremonies and the athletes compete, allow them to inspire you to go for the gold.  I don’t personally know any Olympic athletes, but the athletes I do know are my everyday heroes and they inspire me every day to keep my chin up and work for my spot on that podium.


Icy, Cold and Fruity Lemonade Helps Raise Money for Booty!!!


Do you remember your first lemonade stand?   I’m not sure why, but it’s such a big deal to most kids.  My girls have been asking to have one for a long time.  Friends riding the 24-Hours of Booty http://www.24hoursofbooty.org/ were in need of funds for their creatively named team…24-Hours of Sue-ty.  Finally, a great cause to host our stand. (Yup, that’s the “Sue-ty” team on the right).

I love when my passion for a cause, the needs of my children and a good time all come together as one.  Truth be told…I made that happen and I’m so glad I did. Hosted by the kids of Omega Nation Full/Half Training Team, we made a statement in Charlotte…cancer ain’t got nothing on us.

The stand was a grand success and if you had the opportunity to participate/donate we thank you.  We would also like to thank Omega Sports for allowing us the space in their store to host this event and bring smiles to these young philanthropists and future “ultra” runners.

A few weeks ago, I posted info on my 24-Hours of Booty challenge.  I gave myself 26 days to ride 24 hours on my bike.  Sounds easy … throw in chemo treatments, pneumonia and an injured toe and, all of a sudden,  26 days is gone in a flash –  but rest assured, I WILL meet my goal and ride the 24-hours of Sue-ty.  Every day I get on the bike, I feel like a million bucks.  I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been.  I can also thank this training program for helping to catch the pneumonia early.  Had I not been riding, every day, I probably would not have given much thought to getting winded when walking to the second floor of our house.  However, after riding an hour a day on the bike, this made NO sense to me.  Excercise is so much more than a tool for weight loss or an attempt at sanity.  It keeps you in touch with your body in ways you may never have expereienced.

Gardening Update:
I feel fantastic…well, aside from the unexpected case of pneumonia.  I really do feel amazing.  My last treatment did not include Magic Potion Number 9…(Oxaliplatin).  My white blood cell count was way too low.  This is the drug that really kicks me in the fanny. It was a welcome break and we will start up again next week.   I am also meeting with Dr. Russ Greenfield… he is an expert in Integrative Medicine. He and my oncologist work together to ensure optimal health, for me, during treatment. I am SUPER excited to work with him and not just depend on chemo.  I am taking my health to a different level by taking control of my diet and daily lifestyle. It feels good to have a few areas that I can grab a hold of and know that I am working with the chemo treatments towards the ultimate goal…being disease free (gosh I hate the way that sounds).  Disease is such an ugly word.  Regardless, I can honestly say that even thought I have disease, I am well and will continue to tend to my ‘garden’… it’s looking really good these days.  (oh and for those of you wanting to know…I do not have a date for my next “weed” scan… when I do I promise to let you all know).

Thanks for keeping me smiling!